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What Our Clients Are Saying...

"...thorough evaluation and knew exactly where my problem areas were. Glad to be back to normal and regular activities." 


"I loved your office's casual and friendly atmosphere. GREAT STAFF!"


"Three long years of living with pain. Every. Single. Day. After seeing a general practitioner, chiropractor, and a different physical therapist, I had given up hope of a day without pain. 

"On my first visit with Jason, he quickly discovered something no one else ever had. He pinpointed my exact cause of pain, used manual therapy, prescribed a few exercises and gave me detailed instruction on how to structure the objects I work with every day - even how to sleep correctly.

"Two days after my first visit, I had my first pain-free day in three long years! The pain comes and goes now, and we're still working on it, but A PAIN-FREE DAY!"



"Brian - your guidance and exercises were a lifesaver for me."


I was referred to Jason Winburne by my orthopedic doctor after surgery for a complete rupture of my rotator cuff, a bicep tendon tear, and a bone spur.

"I began and completed my therapy in 2015. Jason is very compassionate and smart. When I would tell him that it hurt in a certain place that may have been different from the last visit, he always knew what it was and what to do. It was a pleasant atmosphere and the staff always had a smile on their face and were very kind and helpful.

"The office staff is truly one of the best of any medical facility I have ever been to. I would highly recommend Jason Winburne for any physical therapy or rehabilitation need.

B. Davis